Marymont Springs

Property Manager: Carrie Snow


Dues: Marymont Springs: $75/month | The Retreat: $200/month | The Reserve: $75/month

Working Capital: Marymont Springs: $1,000 | The Retreat: $1,300 | The Retreat: $1,000

Transfer Fees: $250

Additional Service Dues for the Retreat at Marymont Springs are $125.00 per month.
The additional services are:
-Mowing of individual lawns exclusive of any areas the owner may fence in
-Once a year mulching of front foundation plantings and trees
-Trimming foundation plantings times per year

*6 months advance dues are collected at the time of closing



Restrictive Covenants

The Retreat Amended Restrictive Covenants

The Retreat Supplemental Covenants

Amendment to Declaration of Protective Covenants & Restrictions

Additional Amendment to Restrictions & Covenants

Marymont Springs – Pool Rules

The Retreat Pavilion Guidelines

The Retreat Pavilion Reservations and Understanding Form